The Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) degree promotes the mission of NMSU by providing flexible degree options as a pathway of study for community college graduates with technical and applied degrees from an accredited institution. The BAS degree helps minimize credit loss for associate degree graduates when pursuing a baccalaureate degree at NMSU by requiring fewer upper-division credits.

The student population targeted for this program differs significantly from traditional degree programs at NMSU. The BAS offers opportunity for current and prospective students, and welcomes those employed full-time, completing their upper division coursework at a distance, veterans, active duty military personnel or active duty family, transfers from other institutions, or those returning to college after time away.

Each student is required to construct an individualized Program of Study integrating academic and career goals into a cohesive degree program.   A well-designed interdisciplinary curriculum emphasizes the value of approaching complex issues from multiple perspectives, equipping students with the requisite critical and analytical skills to become effective problem solvers in their chosen field of study or career. The Program of Study is developed in consultation with a BAS Advisor.

To schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor for the BAS program, please call 575-646-2941.  Or contact an advisor directly:

Annette Sanchez:  – or 575-646-7364

Extensive flexibility in program design implies increased individual responsibility for the BAS student. BAS students must be active participants in their academic experience, simultaneously pursuing a skillset demonstrating:

  • Coherent expression of ideas in writing;
  • Capacity to conduct systematic and objective inquiry within their Program of Study;
  • Ability to tolerate ambiguity within the design and implementation of a Program of Study;
  • Proactive communication with the academic advisor;
  • Commitment to effective follow-through on tasks related to Program of Study design and implementation.

Declaring the BAS Degree

Students entering the BAS program are required to:

  • Have an Associate of Applied Science or a similar degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • Have completed the English and Mathematics Basic Skills Requirements of NMSU (see Regulations – Basic Academic Skills in NMSU Undergraduate Catalog)
  • Declare the BAS degree by the last date to drop with a “W” in a student’s final semester of study (see NMSU Academic Calendar for date) 

Degree Requirements

  • Complete the total number of credits as determined by your academic advisor and reflected in your Program of Study. (Note: a maximum of 30 credit hours in courses offered by the NMSU College of Business may be counted towards the degree, inclusive of courses used to satisfy NMSU General Education Core Requirements)
  • Complete a minimum of 128 credit hours. (Note: total credits earned may exceed 128 dependent upon the developed Program of Study).
  • Complete a minimum of 48 credit hours of upper-division courses (courses numbered 300 – 499) including six credit hours of Viewing a Wider World curriculum from two separate colleges at NMSU.
  • Complete a minimum of 36 upper-division credit hours beyond the NMSU General Education Core Requirements with a grade of C- or better.
  • Complete the University’s General Education Core Requirements (minimum of 35 credit hours of approved New Mexico Common Core courses
  • Student may not have completed the requirements for, or be a candidate for, another baccalaureate degree at NMSU.


Students seeking a Bachelor of Applied Studies degree are encouraged to complete one or more minors offered through various NMSU academic departments. A minor is designated on a transcript and consists of a minimum of 18 credits, at least nine of which must be upper-division. Courses required to complete a minor may be in a single department or interdepartmental, are offered through various NMSU academic departments, and are subject to availability. Students seeking to complete a minor must have the minor verified, prior to graduation, by the respective college academic department administering the minor. Specific requirements for minors may be obtained from the academic department administering a specific minor. A list of NMSU approved minors can be found in the NMSU Undergraduate Catalog. (Note: the College of Business offers only the Business Administration minor to BAS majors)