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The College of Arts & Sciences has suspended the Interdisciplinary Studies Department in the current budget cuts. The IDS degree program remains in existence with no department head or admin (unitil further notice). Faculty: contact the Dean for information abt leading IDS BIS/BAS degrees as a Dean's Fellow.

IDS students, please continue working with IDS advisors. Contact the College of Arts & Sciences with any further questions.

G&SS students: the G&SS degree program also remains in existence. G&SS faculty are being disaggregated and assigned to new departments to work from.The Gender & Sexuality Studies degree is now situtated in the Creative Media Institute for Film and Digital Arts.

Please continue moving forward with us during this next period of transition and change. G&SS has had faculty members since 2007 and has been moved 5 structural times within the College of Arts and Sciences since that date. Check out our new concentration in Film, Media, & Cultural Studies. Thank you to everyone who supports us.



Interdisciplinary Studies 

The Interdisciplinary Studies Department extends New Mexico State University’s reach beyond traditional academic programs, providing educational opportunities for students to meet their academic, professional, and personal learning goals. The Interdisciplinary Studies Department offers flexible degree programs in the Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) and the Bachelor of Individualized Studies (BIS), giving students opportunities to develop their own degree programs appropriate to their unique education and career goals. 

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