Interdisciplinary Studies 

The Interdisciplinary Studies Department extends New Mexico State University’s reach beyond traditional academic programs, providing educational opportunities for students to meet their academic, professional, and personal learning goals. The Interdisciplinary Studies Department offers flexible degree programs in the Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) and the Bachelor of Individualized Studies (BIS), giving students opportunities to develop their own degree programs appropriate to their unique education and career goals. Gender and Sexuality Studies is the founding interdisciplinary program located in the department, existing alongside the BAS and BIS degrees. NMSU CAMP has made its academic home in IDS for many years.

Dr. James Maupin served as the department’s founding and first chair in 2014 and Dr. Patricia Wojahn served as the department chair of Interdisciplinary Studies Department/Gender & Sexuality Studies from 2015-2021. G&SS faculty serve as the faculty of the Interdisciplinary Studies Department. Here is the department's Criteria for Faculty Evaluation, Promotion, and Tenure Document.